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Doe Eyelashes Review | Are They Worth the Spend?

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Many women out there believe that makeup should be an extension of their natural beauty. Suppose you’ve ever shopped for eyelash extensions before. In that case, you may have found yourself disappointed with the final look after struggling through the process of adhering false lashes to your lash line and positioning them correctly.

Several companies produce false eyelashes that are dramatic and “dressy.” However, if you are looking to accentuate your natural beauty with natural lashes, you are likely considering Doe Lashes.

Doe Beauty aims to remind women that false eyelashes should be delicate and comfortable enough for everyday wear. The brand was inspired by the kind temperament of the female deer. These lashes promise no irritation or heaviness, just a silky and luxurious feel that makes you wish you had doe-like lashes every day.

These are big claims, which is why we took a closer look at these lashes to determine whether they live up to their claims. Here is our detailed Doe Lashes review.

Understanding False Lashes

False eyelashes are essentially a band of hair attached to your natural lash line to give your lashes a fuller look. They are commonly composed of artificial, mink, or human hair.

This isn’t to be confused with lash extensions, which involve attaching individual artificial eyelashes to the real lash. These extensions are water-resistant and can last several weeks, but fake lashes are generally not waterproof and must be cleaned, removed, and reapplied on a regular basis.

The fascination with long lashes stemmed from the belief that lashes shorten with time. Another theory regarding the appeal of longer lashes dates back to early Rome when fuller lashes were linked with virtue.

Impurity, according to author Pliny, the Elder, led to the loss of more eyelashes. Therefore, maintaining longer lashes would establish their chastity. Although untrue, this outburst inspired many women to aspire for longer, fuller eyelashes.

What Are Doe Lashes?

Doe Lashes are natural lash extensions that incorporate the softness of Korean silk hair and a lightweight cotton band that makes it look and feel like your natural eyelashes.

The company behind these amazing lashes has been commended by KTVN, Bazinga, MarketWatch, among others. Michelle Phan, a cosmetic professional and Youtuber, is Doe Lashes’ most ardent admirer, with an amazing 8.86 million subscribers.

The Pros and Cons of Doe Lashes

A great way to decide whether these strip lashes are suitable for you is to determine whether the pros outweigh the cons. Here are the pros and cons of these Korean silk lashes.


  • There is a wide range of lashes to choose from
  • Doe lashes are lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • They are cruelty-free
  • Handmade using delicate Korean silk and a fresh cotton band
  • The company also offers users a quiz that they can use to determine the ideal lashes for them
  • Products ship internationally
  • Affordable
  • There are thousands of reviews online attesting to its weightless comfort


  • Shipping is often expensive

The Benefits of Wearing Falsies

We have spoken about the benefits of choosing Doe Lashes, but what about the benefits of wearing false eyelashes or falsies? Many people believe that falsies can damage your eyelashes.

However, the truth is that false eyelashes actually help your lashes to grow, in addition to the influence they have on your appearance. As opposed to mascara, which can leave your eyelashes looking brittle and thin, falsies work as an alternative to lessen the pressure on your natural eyelashes, enabling them to grow.

Additionally, when you wear falsies, you can prevent your eyeliner and mascara from smudging or looking streaked. On those days when you want to look good without applying a lot of makeup, falsies can help you do just that. They also have a serious effect on your eye appearance, taking your lashes up a notch in a way that eye makeup simply does not.

A Closer Look at Some of the Luscious Lashes in Doe Lashes’ Range

There are several options in Doe Lashes’ range, each of which offers a unique look. If you want doe-like eyes, here are some of the brand’s most popular lashes that can help you achieve this look.

Fairy Dust Lashes

The Fairy Dust eyelash set is simply stunning. With eyelashes ranging in length from 0.28 to 0.55 inches, you can add a touch of subtle glam to any outfit. These lashes are longer in the middle to offer a more natural effect.

Fairy Dust eyelashes are described as the brand’s most fragile but full set as they have just enough thickness and length to make them stand out.

Starry Night Natural Lashes

If you are looking for something more glamorous but not too dressy, the Starry Night set is a great choice. These lashes stand out because they have two layers, which adds extra volume, and you get over 15 uses. The individual eyelashes in this set range from 0.31 to 0.63 inches.

Cloud Nine Lashes

Soft glam is the term that best describes this eyelash set. It has multiple layers that offer a fuller look. Paired with a more subtle eye makeup look, these eyelashes make your eyes pop. Individual lashes in this set range from 0.12 to 0.39 inches, making it the perfect pair for everyday use.

Morning Dew Doe Lashes

If you want to create lashes that give you more of a Disney princess look, the Morning Dew eyelashes are a great choice. They are incredibly lightweight and bring out your natural beauty. These lashes are accentuated at the outer corners, providing a more elegant look. They range in length from 0.28 to 0.47 inches, making them perfect for a date night or an important event.

Really Really Lowkey Lashes

Another great product from Doe Lashes is the Really Really Lowkey eyelash set. They are tapered at the ends to offer a wispier look. As the name indicates, this product is more subtle for a great everyday look. With hair lengths of 0.12 to 0.28 inches, these eyelashes are the shortest in the Doe Lashes range.

What About the Applicators and Other Accessories?

This review would not be complete without a review of some of the most popular accessories available from Doe Beauty. Here are some of the accessories you can purchase from Doe Lashes to improve your false eyelash experience.

Lash Applicator

A set of false eyelashes would not be complete without an applicator. Doe Beauty gives you a choice between blue and pink, and this handy tool can help you quickly and easily attach your lashes.

Neo Liner

If you are looking for an all-day wear eyeliner to pair with your Doe Lashes, you can purchase a Neo Liner. It has a firm yet pliable applicator made with eye-safe iron oxides for a stronger hold. The liner is also smudge-proof and dries completely in just 10 seconds.

Cotton Pads

Doe Lashes also offers soft, eco-friendly reusable cotton pads to help you remove makeup at the end of each day. They incorporate velvet crystals for easy removal of makeup on one side. The other side is made from bamboo cotton to help soothe your skin after you have cleansed it.

These innovative accessories also include a container for easy storage and a drawstring bag that makes cleaning them a breeze.

What Customers Think of Doe Lashes

While Doe Lashes’ range of products may sound great on paper, it is important to assess how they perform in the real world. If you search for customer reviews of these lashes online, you will find several hits. There are thousands of customers that have given these lashes a five-star rating.

These eyelashes are a hit with Amazon customers, and the Morning Dew set earned a 4.4-star overall rating. Several customers took to Amazon to post photos of their new favorite lashes, indicating that they were soft, comfortable, and lightweight.

There are also a large number of five-star reviews on the company’s website, with users from around the world giving Doe Lashes products an overall rating of 4.94 stars.

What Do the Lashes Cost?

The cost is often the deciding factor for many women, and you may be relieved to find that Doe Lashes offers competitive prices. While prices vary based on the type of lashes set you choose, you can expect to pay between $12.50 and $25.

There are also bundle deals where you can select a few products at a special price and bundles deals for added convenience and value. You can also earn rewards for further discounts. Shop Doe Lashes here.

The Final Verdict

Doe Lashes makes some pretty serious claims, promising super soft, natural-looking eyelashes that are comfortable enough to wear every day. After taking a closer look at these claims, we were happy to find that Doe Lashes does indeed live up to its claims.

Would we recommend trying these false eyelashes? Absolutely! If you are looking for eyelashes to take your look from subtle to glam without looking dressy and over-the-top, Doe Lashes’ range may just be exactly what you have been looking for!

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