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PetLab Co. Review: What Pet Owners Need to Know

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Pets are more than just animals to most of us. When you take in an animal as a pet, they become a part of the family. While keeping the smallest members of your family healthy is a priority, options for pet health support supplements are incredibly limited.

Fortunately, one pet lover saw the need for nutritional pet supplements and developed an impressive range that claims to use all-natural ingredients. These supplements have reportedly caused much excitement when PetLab Co. VIP pups hear that it’s time for their medicine.

After several Google searches and much research, we were able to determine whether PetLab Co. is worth the hype. Here is everything you need to know about PetLab Co. products.

PetLab Co. Company Information

PetLab Co. is a well-known pet supplement manufacturer that creates nutrient-dense and delectable remedies for common pet diseases.

Its supplements are produced using all-natural ingredients, and its pet goodies are jam-packed with the minerals, vitamins, antioxidants that your pet needs. These products promote healthy teeth, a healthy coat, or more energy.

The company is based in New York and was founded by Chris Masanto, who developed these nutritious pet supplements when he realized that he could have helped ease his dog, Krystal, through the final years of her life with the right supplements. Therefore, pet owners worldwide can rest assured that their pets are getting the best supplemental treats because they come from a dog lover.


When it comes to ingredients, PetLab Co. has undoubtedly done its research. High-quality ingredients are one of the essential components of the business and one of the leading reasons for its thriving global community and loyal customer base. If you are curious about the supplements this supplier has to offer, here are some of its most popular offerings.

Joint Support Supplements

If you have a dog that struggles with arthritis and bad joints, PetLab Co.’s joint chews are a great choice to help ease their pain.

As one of PetLab Co.’s most popular supplements, these joint care chews provide mobility and strength, giving your dog the liberty to resume an active lifestyle. Here is a list of the ingredients in these joint support supplements:

  • Glucosamine – thickens the synovial fluid in joints and encourages the growth of cartilage
  • Omega 3 – helps to ease pain by reducing inflammation
  • Green Lipped Mussel – protects the cartilage in the joints and eases pain
  • Turmeric – powerful anti-inflammatory
  • Calcium fructoborate – reduces joint discomfort

Probiotic Chews

Probiotics are essentially beneficial bacteria that aid digestion and help to keep dogs healthy. A pet’s diet can have a negative impact on the bacteria found in the gut, causing indigestion and other gut-related problems.

PetLab Co.’s probiotic chews contain two strains of beneficial bacteria to keep your pet healthy. They also contain:

  • Vitamins
  • Antioxidants
  • Digestive enzymes

Skin and Coat Chews for a Healthy Coat

Pets need good skincare, too, and a poor diet and lack of nutritional support can affect their coat health. If you’d like your dog to have healthy skin, you can try PetLab Co.’s Skin and Coat Chews.

These chews contain several oils and other ingredients to help combat dry skin and provide dog itch relief. They also contain:

  • Pork liver powder
  • Essential fatty acids
  • At-ease Chews
  • Vitamin E
  • Linseed oil
  • Salmon oil

Clear Eye Chews

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your dog tear up. Fortunately, PetLab Co. has Clear Eye Chews that pet owners can feed their dogs to clear up their eyes.

They contain natural ingredients to help support the immune system. Key ingredients include:

  • Kelp – rich source of minerals and salts
  • Honey – natural antibiotic
  • Blueberry – antioxidant
  • Ascorbic acid – immune support

Dental Supplements

PetLab Co. has a range of dental products, including a Dog Dental Formula. This dental formula has components such as coconut glycerin oil and sodium bicarbonate for fresh breath.

The company also sells Prebiotic Dental Sticks rich in vitamins and minerals to promote healthy skin and good coat health and offer good dental hygiene.

Other Products

Other products in the PetLab Co. range include:

  • Itch Relief Chews
  • Aller-omega Dog Supplement
  • Mobility Support Sticks
  • Chicken Jerky
  • Beef and Salmon Oil Sticks

Are These Products Safe?

PetLab Co.’s range of supplements is manufactured using healthy, natural components. Each one includes minerals and vitamins that come from natural sources and are a result of the high-quality ingredients the business chooses for its supplements.

If you’re curious about whether these treatments are safe to use on a daily basis, you may be relieved to learn that they have all been authorized for daily consumption.

The Pros and Cons of PetLab Co. Products

Here are some of the pros and cons of choosing PetLab Co. products for your dog.


  • The business offers re-ordering free delivery
  • Early access special discounts
  • Excellent customer support for additional assistance
  • All-natural, high-quality ingredients used
  • It can be used for small dogs and large dogs
  • Products have received more than 5000 five-star ratings from pet owners
  • Ships worldwide via Amazon


  • Products are pricey, but you can save by buying in bulk
  • Only customers in the US and the UK qualify for the special offers

Customer Service

One of the best ways to assess a company’s success is to take a look at how it deals with customers. Reputable companies go out of their way to ensure that they provide outstanding customer service, and we are glad to say that PetLab Co. is one of these companies. Customers have been praising the company for its outstanding service provided by the customer care team on various platforms, such as Trustpilot.

If you have a concern regarding the condition of your four-legged friends, a particular product, delivery, or payments, you can contact a PetLab Co. customer service agent at +1 (941) 217-1456. You can also contact them by emailing or contact the company via one of its social media pages.

Prices, Discounts, and Special Offers

Prices differ depending on the item. The majority of them, such as the Joint Chews and Itch Chews, begin at $35.95 plus handling and shipping on Amazon. However, you qualify for free shipping for purchases over $25.

These pet products are available at a discounted price when you purchase them in bulk. If you buy a two-pack of any product, you can save up to 50 percent, and you can save even more money by purchasing a three-pack. If you intend to make a purchase via the PetLab Co. online store, you can get free shipping to any location in the United States if you buy more than one tub of its supplements.

Pet owners in the United States can also subscribe to receive their monthly dose without having to make regular purchases. Send an email to to discontinue your monthly subscription at any time.

Where to Buy These Products

Unfortunately, the business does not have a physical store, but operates via online stores in the US and the UK, so customers can go to these online stores and make an online purchase. Other online stores, such as Chewy, also sell these products, but Amazon is one of the most widely available sources in other countries. If you require more information about where to purchase these supplements, you can contact the customer care line at +1 (941) 217-1456.

PetLab Co. Reviews: What Customers Think

When we investigated, we found that dog owners really love PetLab Co.’s products. The company received a 4.4-star rating after nearly 6900 reviews. Additionally, there are several positive reviews on the website from customers who purchased PetLab Co. products via the online store, and it claims to have received over 5000 five-star reviews.

Amazon reviews were also mostly positive, with most products receiving more than four stars. Customers reported that the supplements had the desired effects on their dogs, and there was a notable difference when the supplements were not administered.

However, there were a few customer complaints from customers who received the wrong product, but some logistical errors are inevitable with any online business. Another factor that many customers were unhappy about was the high price point, complaining that a month’s supply was far too costly.

The Bottom Line

Good health is vital, and you have a lot of control over your pet’s overall well-being. A health supplement must work in order to be considered a worthwhile investment. PetLab Co. goods, according to our research, do just that. An overwhelming number of dog owners are delighted with the positive impact the brand’s goods have on their pets’ lives.

We like the brand’s utilization of nutritional components and transparency in the ingredients included in each supplement. The customer service that we’ve observed on review sites also received excellent ratings, which indicates that the business takes its customer care seriously. Therefore, despite these products’ high price points, they are certainly worth a try if you want to help ease your pet’s pain or correct a number of health issues.

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