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Ombre Gut Health Test: The Good, the Bad, and Everything In Between

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Ombre’s state-of-the-art lab center offers a gut health test that is 28 percent more accurate than other testing kits currently on the market, making it a more convenient and better choice for getting accurate gut health findings.

A digestive ailment affects almost 70 million people in the US. Bloating, gas, and digestive disorders can be caused by digestive system issues.

As people understand more about gut health, they realize how important the gut is to human health and happiness. Your gut health is linked to nearly every element of your health, including your immune system, weight loss ability, brain function, and more.

Today, I’d like to chat about gut health and offer you my honest opinion on the Ombre gut health test.

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The Importance of Gut Health

Nearly 80% of the immune system is housed in one’s gut, and nearly 90% of one’s serotonin is produced there. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter involved in the control of mood, hunger, sleep, and memory.

Trillions of bacteria exist in your digestive tract, including trillions in your gut. The microbiome of your gut is what this is called.

A normal gut microbiome’s bacteria are balanced to keep everything functioning properly. Beneficial bacteria are useful for more than just digestion. It inhibits the growth of harmful germs. Dysbiosis happens when unfavorable bacterial strains gain control, which can be harmful to your health.

Toxins, antibiotics, toxic chemicals, stress, a bad diet, and other factors can cause your gut to become imbalanced.

Rather than playing a guessing game and wasting a lot of money and time attempting to heal your stomach, you can now use simple tests to assist you. These gut health tests help you figure out what’s causing your stomach problems and help you go on the road to a better gut.

How Do People Test Their Gut Health?

A stool sample is normally sent to a doctor or lab to test one’s gut health. The lab then examines the sample to establish the balance of one’s gut microbiome.

Consider it a “snapshot” of the bacteria in your gut at the moment. The test reveals the number of microorganisms shed in your feces.

Portrait of a young chemist looking in binocular microscope looking for pathology analyzes patient at medical hospital for treatment disease tumors

You may also use a breath test to examine your gut health, albeit this is more prevalent in those who have bacterial overgrowth in their small intestine (SIBO).

All tests, obviously, are not 100 percent accurate and have limits. Although the scientific study behind these tests is still in its early stages, it can be a good place to begin when trying to assess your gut health.

Until recently, assessing your gut health meant sitting in an uncomfortable doctor’s room with your stool samples and waiting for a response.

Home-based testing firms like Ombre, on the other hand, allow you to finish the full procedure from the convenience of your own house.

In this review, I go over the finer points to help you determine if Ombre is something you should attempt.

Are Gut Health Tests Worth It?

If you’re wondering whether the Ombre Gut Health Test kits are worth the spend, you’re not alone.

Many people don’t understand the vital role that gut health plays in maintaining overall health. If left unchecked, poor gut health could lead to conditions such as leaky gut syndrome and could even seriously impact your mental health.

The Second Brain

Some health researchers refer to the enteric or gut nervous system as the “second brain” since it uses the very same neurons and transmitters as the central nervous system. The truth is that gut health has a serious impact on diseases in the body and on the immune system.

Your Gut Could Be the Cause of Your Discomfort and Illness

Suppose you have been prone to disease and illness or have noticed a considerable reduction in your energy levels. Your gut health may be to blame.

Because traditional lab tests are often expensive and inconvenient, the Ombre Gut Health test kit offers an effective and convenient solution to help you take control of your gut health, making it worth every penny!

The Ombre Gut Health Test

Ombre is a corporation situated in California that was created in 2016 by Richard Lin. He started to investigate and learn about gut health after experiencing his own digestive problems. Ombre was founded as a tool to uncover solutions to better gut health after Lin was left with numerous unanswered questions.

Ombre is a network where academic researchers, pharmaceutical businesses, and people who are simply interested in gut health may connect to understand their gut microbiome’s health.

Customers can send in a test to examine their gut microbiome, and the company offers dietary adjustments and customized probiotic combinations to fit their unique needs.

All microbiome examinations are performed in a lab in the United States that is accredited to fulfill the International Organization for Standardization’s criteria (ISO).

Ombre produces all probiotics in a GMP-certified facility as well as double-tests them to maintain standards.

Moreover, Ombre shields you from prying eyes. Employers and health insurance firms are never given your health data. They also protect the confidentiality of your data and gut health report with numerous layers of encryption.

Are Ombre Gut Health Tests Worth It?

The truth is that there are a number of testing kits on the market that offer insight into the workings of your gut microbiome.

However, what I love about Ombre Health is that it is a health intelligence test that is much easier to use than many of its competitors.

Affordable and Effective

Moreover, it is more affordable, and setting up an account with Ombre Health is very easy to do. Ombre microbiome test kits also offer a simple stool sample collection method.

It also allows you to understand any food sensitivities that could be linked to leaky gut syndrome, which other companies simply do not offer.

You can also expect to get your results a lot faster than you do with competitors.

Accurate Results

Ombre also offers the assurance of more accurate results since it uses a proprietary liquid buffer.

The company also uses cutting-edge technology, and its software application has also evaluated over 35,000 microbiome research articles and assessed 4,000 microorganisms, linking them to a broad list of nutritional foods or supplements, providing more comprehensive, practical findings.

It also provides probiotics to address any detected issues with your gut microbiome.

These microbiome testing kits are my top choice for at-home gut health testing for all of these reasons and more!

The Pros and Cons of Ombre Gut Test Programs

Suppose your goal is to have a healthy gut. In that case, you’ll need an effective gut health test program that offers reliable results, science-backed solutions, and the effective identification of food sensitivities.

Does Ombre meet these criteria? Here are the pros and cons of Ombre gut microbiome testing kits.


  • Signing up for an Ombre account is easy
  • Ombre testing is more affordable than most of its competitors
  • Its laboratories are ISO-compliant
  • You get a comprehensive report and gut health score
  • The stool sample collection kit is very easy to use
  • Personalized solutions can help you take control of your gut health
  • You will also get personalized dietary recommendations to help you correct gut health issues by eating right
  • Recommendations are backed by science
  • Your privacy will be protected when using Ombre’s testing service


  • You do not get consultations with specialists to discuss your results
  • Ombre tests only detect bacterial strains
  • The company uses proprietary blends in its probiotics and does not offer much information about the exact doses of its ingredients

How Does This Gut Microbiome Test Work?

Ombre’s Gut Health Test examines your gut microbiome and makes recommendations for how to improve it. The website is extremely user-friendly, making the entire procedure a snap.

Here’s how the Ombre gut test works:

Step One: Buy the Gut Microbiome Tests

When your gut health test kit comes, it includes a collection box in which you may provide a stool sample. You can gather the stool sample and send it back to their laboratory.

Step Two: Let the Lab Conduct Tests

It may take up to two weeks for the lab to analyze the sample after they get it. You’re going to get an email with a link to your gut health report after the sample has been processed.

Step Three: Get Your Test Results

You get a tailored dashboard with all the information you need regarding your gut health. An “explore” as well as a “take action” section is included in the customizable dashboard.

A Kit for Gut Bacteria Testing (Dashboard)

You find tips on how to enhance your health in the Explore section. Additionally, you can study personalized recommendations depending on your test results under the take action section. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect in every section.


My Gut Bacteria

You can look into the health advantages, problems, and risks linked with each species found on your gut test.

Gut Score

This part gives you an overview of your general gut bacteria health. The balance of commensal, probiotics, healthy gut bacteria, and pathogenic bacteria contained in your gut is assessed against the healthy norm from the American Gut Project to calculate your overall wellbeing score.

You also get a gut diversity score, which is based on the number and kind of bacteria in your microbiome.

Possibilities of Symptoms

Your gut microbiome can help you figure out what symptoms you’re having.

Take Action

Probiotic Recommendation

You can see the strains that comprise your personalized probiotic formula depending on your wellness and microbiome test.

Your Top Bacteria

You can discover which of your gut bacteria are in need of some TLC in this section.

Food Recommendation

You can see a personalized food plan as well as food advice. It is also a good idea to consider doing a food sensitivity test to make this section even more helpful.

Probiotic Supplements and Personalized Food Plan Recommendations

You have access to meal suggestions authorized by a dietitian once you’ve received your test results, along with a list of foods to eat more of and foods to avoid. The foods suggested help you enhance your bacteria balance and, as a result, your health.

They term this a “personalized dietician” on their website, but there’s no indication of being able to speak to a trained dietitian about the gut microbiome report.

Ombre is the first firm to offer tailored probiotic supplements depending on your medical history and microbiome analysis.

If you have an overabundance of harmful bacteria, for example, you’re given strains to eliminate it. You obtain more types of the good bacteria you’re lacking if you’re short on good or helpful bacteria.

Ombre also inquires about your signs and symptoms in order to finish customizing the probiotic supplements.

Furthermore, Ombre recommends that you get re-tested when you’ve implemented your recommended improvements. This allows you to track trends and see how your gut flora levels are improving.

Do Ombre Gut Tests Really Work?

There isn’t a better option than Ombre Gut Health test kits when it comes to a health intelligence test.

The company offers a really easy way to collect a stool sample and offers a comprehensive digital health report, and also offers suggestions to help you improve your digestive health.

More Than Just a Test!

Additionally, you can access effective probiotic strains to help you correct any imbalances in your gut microbiome to improve your gut health and, subsequently, your overall health.

One of the leading reasons why this gut health program is so effective is because it offers a personalized solution to your gut health problems and doesn’t just focus on testing bacterial strains.

Unparalleled Accuracy

Moreover, the use of a proprietary buffer means that Ombre tests are 28 percent more accurate than other leading brands, which is a significant benefit of using Ombre’s gut health test.

In addition to assessing the accuracy of its test methods and ease of use, another great way to tell whether a product is effective in the real world is to look at customer reviews.

Positive Customer Reviews

The truth is that there is a number of positive reviews from happy customers that noticed a significant difference after using these food sensitivity tests to further investigate their digestive symptoms.

These customers were able to improve the symptoms of digestive tract illness, improve their mental health, energy levels, immune health, and more!

This is a clear indication that this program really does work!

Did Thryve Change Its Name?

If you’ve heard of Thryve, you’re probably wondering why there are so many similarities between Thryve and Ombre gut test kits.

This is because Thryve has indeed changed its name to Ombre!

A Better Reflection of Its Scientific Methods

This leading gut intelligence test brand has reimagined its brand identity to better reflect its advanced scientific research and improved testing methods.

Moreover, another factor that led to the brand’s name change is its new ownership, and the new name reflects its potential and dedication to growth.

Still the Same Great Test Kits!

While the company has been working hard to improve its products and services, users can expect the same convenience of easy-to-use test kits and accurate gut health test results with personalized probiotics that promote a healthy gut.

Look Out for New Products

Moreover, the company has indicated that it is working on new products and services, so you can expect to see a lot more from Ombre under its new ownership!

How Accurate Is the Ombre, Formerly Thryve, Gut Test?

The main selling point for the Ombre gut health tests is their accuracy.

Because understanding the bacterial cells in the gut is essential for correcting any issues, ensuring a high level of accuracy when analyzing these bacterial strains is crucial.

Once you understand what’s going on in your gut, you can take corrective action to correct it.

However, correcting any issues can be difficult if your tests offer limited or inaccurate results. Thanks to Ombre’s proprietary buffers, its testing methods are 28 percent more accurate than that of competitors.

Potential Side Effects of Probiotics

When trying any new product, it is essential to take note of the side effects. Fortunately, there are no notable safety risks with Ombre’s probiotic strains.

Probiotics’ most prevalent negative effects include digestive discomfort, such as flatulence and bloating.

Before taking any probiotics, anyone with an impaired immune system should consult their physician. However, probiotics are generally safe for most people, and Ombre’s probiotic blends are no different.

Because its probiotics contain soy and milk, those who are allergic to such substances should avoid them, as they could cause allergic reactions.

Who Is Ombre’s Gut Health Program for?

Ombre is suitable for anybody. Taking a sample is easy, and the results, particularly the recommendations, are easy enough for most individuals to understand.

The program  is especially well-suited to anybody who suffers from mild to moderate symptoms of the following:

  • Digestive discomfort
  • Oily or dry skin
  • Constipation
  • Flatulence and bloating
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trouble sleeping

Ombre’s probiotics and dietary advice can undoubtedly help with a variety of other problems.

Nonetheless, anyone experiencing significant pain, suffering, or mental health difficulties should seek more assistance.

One thing that I really liked is that the company makes a point of reminding clients that these tests are not diagnostic and that the most significant source of nutritional and lifestyle recommendations for a healthy gut is a doctor.

What Products Does Ombre Offer?

The brand offers gut health testing and also offers personalized probiotic products that are available on a monthly or subscription basis.

Here’s a list of the products Ombre offers and what you can expect to pay for each of them:

  • Gut Health Test – $99
  • Metabolic Booster Probiotics – $39
  • Healthy Gut Probiotics – $39
  • Endless Energy Probiotics – $39
  • Rise Prebiotics – $49

To save on your Ombre gut health products and services, use my discount code to save $30 on your first test kit!

Product Certifications

The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), according to the supplier, have certified Ombre’s products, which are vegan, gluten-free, and devoid of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Moreover, the company has been certified by the National Sanitization Foundation (NSF). NSF accreditation ensures that a company uses FDA-approved resources and that its goods have passed rigorous NSF tests for product safety, engineering, construction, and effectiveness.

Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) is a worldwide safety certification firm that analyzes and certifies products to guarantee their suitability and safety.

Are Ombre Gut Health Tests Legit?

Before I wrap up this article, I’d like to address a frequently asked question: “Is this gut health test real?” Yes, Ombre helps you to customize your self-care by utilizing science and technology to rapidly and accurately analyze your good and bad bacteria.

The Ombre test is definitely an excellent choice if you’re having GI discomfort, exhaustion, or headaches and have not been able to determine the cause.

It’s comforting to know that you can monitor your gut health from anywhere. Unlike numerous gut test kits on the market, you’re also given a customized probiotic and nutrition plan.

If your gut score is low, it’s a good idea to see a doctor for medical advice and to come up with a more thorough plan.

I also recommend re-testing until your gut score is in the ideal range, so you can follow your improvement and see if your customized regimen is effective.

In the future, it’s wonderful to have the opportunity to talk to an Ombre gut health specialist in-depth about your results and health concerns.

Overall, the Ombre Gut Health Program is a good option for people searching for a gut microbiota test at home. I don’t believe you’re going to be dissatisfied if you give it a try.

Use my discount code to say goodbye to poor gut health and hello to your gut microbiome test!

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