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Nom Nom: Let Your Pets Join You at the Dinner Table

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Looking into the eyes of a dog who loves you brings a smile to your face, particularly when you serve them excellent food. Nom Nom specializes in fresh pet food with extra nutritional components for cats and dogs.

Furthermore, Nom Nom includes a convenient as well as simple meal subscription service that delivers the food to your home. There doesn’t have to be any more trips to the supermarket or pet store to purchase pet food. Merely looking at the company’s product images, it’s clear that the meals are not your typical pet food.

Nom Nom has been published in several publications, including People magazine, BuzzFeed, Business Insider, as well as NBC News. The pet health company has gotten a lot of press, but are they really worth it?

This Nom Nom pet food review could be the final stop on your quest for better food for your cherished dog or cat. I  analyze the brand, its most popular pet foods, promos and more in this post to help you determine if this food subscription is worthwhile.

Nom Nom Overview

Nate Phillips and Alex Jarrell, the company’s founders, began their search for high-quality pet food. Mim and  Harlee, their two dogs, in particular. One of the puppies, as a young Australian shepherd, had a damaged immune system and needed to be taken to the local vet for additional care.

Harlee’s veterinarian advised her to eat a healthy, fresh diet to help with her health problems. However, Alex and Nate’s search revealed that there was no acceptable pet food for sale. They attempted to address this issue by launching a completely new brand.

To assist with the launch of Nom Nom, the creators teamed up with a top board-certified veterinary nutritionist. Nate and Alex started making nutritionally balanced meals for dogs and cats soon after. Every purchase is made to order just days before it is delivered to your house.

Since its inception in 2015, Nom Nom has grown at an exponential rate. It presently employs 177 people in its Nashville headquarters. This includes a crew of dogs and cats that are in charge of sampling the meal!

Before jumping into the finer details of its fresh food, let’s have a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of Nom Nom:

How Nom Nom Works

Knowing what your pet requires is the first step. Nom Nom offers dog owners the choice of purchasing nutritious meals or subscribing to the delivery service.

Customers must select the meal option that is best for their pet when purchasing a subscription. After buyers complete a pet profile when signing up, they can choose which dog food recipes they want.

Nom Nom also provides cost savings for certain occasions. Customers are encouraged to contact Nom Nom’s customer service staff if they have any queries about pricing, pet nutritional demands or other topics.

I’m going to move on to discussing the menu options for cats and dogs. This Nom Nom pet food review might reveal the perfect food for your furry friends, as it is promoted as a healthier and more delectable alternative to regular pet food.

Nom Nom Dog Food Subscription

Nom Nom dog food is full of the minerals and vitamins your pet needs to stay healthy and energetic. The nutritional levels provided by the AAFCO Food Nutrient Profiles are used to build each recipe. Trust me, it’s hard to say no to the excellent ingredient list on this dog food.

What kind of protein does your canine pal prefer? Chicken Chow, Beef Mash, Pork Potluck as well as Turkey Fare are among the four meals available in the Dog Food Subscription.

  1. The main ingredients in Nom Nom Beef Mash are beef, eggs, potatoes, peas, carrots and fish oil. Vitamin E supplements, vitamin B12 and vitamin B1 are also included as nutritional supplements to guarantee that your pet gets the most out of its meals.
  2. The Chicken Chow meal is the ideal choice for poultry-loving dogs since it contains all of the vitamins your canine needs to stay in shape. Diced chicken, yellow squash, sweet potato chunks, spinach as well as fish oil are among the components of Nom Nom dog food.
  3. If your dog enjoys pork, go for the Pork Potluck meal, which has pork, green beans, potatoes, yellow beans, kale, mushrooms and fish oil in it.
  4. Treat your dog some Turkey Fare if he or she is unusually enthusiastic on Thanksgiving and stays attached to the dining table. Ground turkey, brown rice, eggs, spinach, carrots, fish oil and vitamins are among the hearty ingredients.

The calories in Nom Nom dog food are appropriate. With the exception of Turkey Fare, most meals are low in calories. Your dog is going to be begging for more of these puppy-powered meals.

Nom Nom Cat Food Subscripti

Dogs are not the only ones who benefit from Nom Nom affection. Furthermore, for the time being, the brand just has one feeding plan for your cat. The two board certified vet nutritionists responsible for this recipe, guarantee that each meal follows the AAFO Food Nutrient Profiles.

This Nom Nom subscription feeds your cats delectable Chicken Cuisine. Protein-rich chicken thighs, liver, and breasts are served with veggies like spinach and carrots. This high-moisture meal is formulated to provide your cat with important vitamins B, D3, and B12 as well as other nutrients.

All meals are simply pre-portioned for easy feeding and a total of 1194 calories. Pamper your cat with a one-of-a-kind meal using Nom Nom’s Cat Food Subscription. Additionally, the Chicken Cuisine dishes were made to satisfy even the fussiest eaters using ingredients that proved to be tasty for kitties.


The Advantages of Nom Nom for Your Pets

A few of the benefits mentioned by customers include:

  • Increased energy levels
  • More excitement when it’s time to eat
  • Improved breath
  • Smaller stool
  • Less shedding
  • Silkier, softer coat
  • Increased stamina
  • Achieving weight goals
  • Healthier, happier dogs and cats
  • Less visits to the vet throughout the year

Why Nom Nom Is Considered Top-of-the-Range

Many people consider Nom Nom as one of the best brands when it comes to cat and dog food because:

  • The food is delivered fresh to your door
  • You get single serve, pre-portioned meals – this is the only pet health company to offer one bag that equals one meal
  • The meals are prepared by the board of certified pet nutritionists
  • There are human-grade ingredients used, which are of restaurant quality
  • The recipes cost the same – they start at $20 per week
  • Nom Nom personalizes meal plans based on breed, age, height, weight goals, health, and activity level
  • This brand has a strong level of commitment towards the pet community
  • Nom Nom emphasizes the importance of sustainability – the company prides itself on sourcing, recyclables, and zero waste
  • There is a dedicated staff that focuses on customer experience


Discounts and Promotions Regarding Nom Nom Cat and Dog Food

Returning to Nom Nom’s adoption program, clients who adopt a pet via one of the business’s partner shelters receive a 20% discount on two orders and a $50 donation toward future purchases. In addition, new subscribers receive a 20% discount on their first orders.

Luckily for you, I have a fantastic promo code for you to get a discount on your next order.


Is Nom Nom Fresh Food Worth It?

This Nom Nom pet food review commends the company’s high-quality, nutrient-dense pet food. Vital vitamins and nutrients are included in the food to help your pet’s general health and based on hundreds of customer testimonials, the advantages are undeniable.

Unlike store-bought brands, all Nom Nom meals are produced with sustainably sourced, natural ingredients and include no preservatives. In contrast, pet retailers sell higher-quality food; however, those cans may have been sitting on the aisles for weeks and are far from fresh.

Customers in general, including pet owners, are starting to lean toward more convenient house delivery options. Nom Nom can save you journeys to the supermarket, including the extra weight of pet food bags and cans in addition to groceries.

If you still need more motivation, keep in mind that Nom Nom allows consumers to take part in their adoption program, which helps lost dogs and cats find loving homes. This makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Any veterinarian would advise using these more nutritious and well-balanced meals for your furry friends. Sure, you’re going to have to spend more money, but isn’t your dog or cat worth it? Furthermore, feeding them better diets is going to extend their longevity, allowing them to continue to brighten your life for longer.

Nom Nom’s mission is to improve your pet’s health through better nutrition and I believe that they have achieved this!

Make sure to use my discount code to get an excellent deal on your next order and to keep your furry friends happy and healthy!

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