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Neuro Gum – What Is It?

Neuro Gum

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Forget about coffee being the sole source for caffeine, Neuro Gum is a new form of natural caffeine in the form of chewing gum. Founded by Ryan Chen and Kent Yoshimura, these two innovators were looking to create something with a caffeine content that could provide mental clarity.

This is where Neuro Gum comes in – it provides users an alternative to drinking coffee but the same effects. Users can benefit from enhanced brain function, energy focus, and mental endurance. With natural flavors, other gums don’t come close to what Neuro has to offer. Optimize composure and fuel your brain by chewing peppermint gum or mint.

Featured on Shark Tank and endorsed by celebrity Joe Rogan, Neuro Gum is redefining what it means to be caffeinated.

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Ingredients of Neuro Gum

What makes the Neuro such a functional gum? The gums are made with one of the patent mixtures that provides five times the energy and longevity. Neuro Gum is gluten-free, sugar-free, aspartame, and dairy-free. It is also suitable for any vegan looking to stay alert and maintain their cool and calmness.

Other notable ingredients of Neuro Gum include theanine and B vitamins, as well as green tea caffeine. These natural L-Theanine and B ingredients help boost one’s alertness, as well as cure those lack of focus moments. A review of the ingredients and content that Neuro uses shows that we strive for clean ingredients. Furthermore, not only are the ingredients natural, but all chosen ingredients, such as nootropics, are picked to address exhaustion, anxiety, and stress.

Is Neuro Gum Good for You?

The one thing that makes Neuro Gum so different from typical energy supplements, and the typical cup of coffee is that it uses science-backed ingredients that have been shown and proven to actually work. Despite what one may read online about nootropics and methylcobalamin, these active energized stimulants have been shown to enhance performance and cognition. Neurogum has conveniently packaged the goodness in pieces of gum. Forget about having that high-calorie energy drink, or those sugary beverages claiming to drown those feelings of tiredness. With Neurogum, you receive the benefits of taking caffeine, without the jitters and the negative side effects; if anything, Neurogum provides the caffeine and then some. From Vitamin B6, Pyridoxine to Vitamin B12, every ingredient found in each piece of gum has been part of the research of known and trusted ingredients.

Popular podcaster, actor and UFC commentator, Joe Rogan has openly and publicly spoken about the benefits of Neuro Gum and how he benefits from the natural ingredients found in each piece. He’s not the only one who benefits from Neuro Gum, Olympian Apolo Ohno, athlete Jen Smith, and Twitch founder Kevin Lin also advocate and talk about Neuro Gum as being something that helps their focus, energy, and alertness.

At the end of the day, if you are looking for natural products that can help keep those neurotransmitters and serotonin flowing, Neurogum is a must-buy. Healthy and convenient, whether you carry a pack in your pocket or bag, Neurogum is the future of caffeine.

Effects of Neuro Gum – Brain Function

We understand that these days, juggling life, work, and family can be stressful. It can be hard to find that source of balanced energy without worrying about the extra calories or the ample amounts of sugar. There are also very few products on the market that have active ingredients with known natural benefits. From calcium stearate, L Theanine, and B vitamins, Neurogum is one of the few if not only caffeinated gum on the market. Forget about the coffee breath in the morning or throughout the day, maintain your energy, and focus on the go.

Neuro Gum

Pros and Cons of Neuro Gum


A few pros of Neurogum include fresh breath, the use of monk fruit (a natural ingredient that is sugar-free and used as a gum base), and known proven research as a natural boost of the mind and mood. Chewing a piece of gum has been shown to last longer than most caffeine products on the markets, such as pills and energy drinks. Very few of these products can provide the same good thing that Neurogum can. With a no-fuss packaging, customers and skeptics of Neurogum are jumping on this great new health food sensation. Just one piece of any flavor by Neuro and experience the positive intended effects of awareness, focus, and energy. Optimize composure without all the sugar flowing through your body. Fight stress and stay calm with the purchase of a Neuro product. Get in the zone with a top-notch product that can address the jitters of exhaustion.


Whether it’s Neuro mints or Neurogum, this caffeine L Theanine, multi flavor gum does create some skeptics in people who are unsure of the actual benefits and claimants of the Neuro brand. Despite countless positive reviews, tests, and many testers writing about their own experience with Neuro, these still don’t seem to negate that many argue the caffeine content is not enough to do what it claims. A couple of people who have tried this product have said that noticed a small change in their mood and situation; however, not enough to say that all the benefits are possible. There has also been a debate on the flavor, as many claim the moment the piece of gum or mint touched their mouth there was a taste of bitterness, that even the stevia, cinnamon, or claimed sweetness can mask the initial bitter taste that one may notice at first consumption. Despite the concerns for flavor, there is no denying the links behind the general and natural health benefits of caffeine that both Chen and Yoshimura have worked to create.

How Long Does the Natural Caffeine of Neuro Gum Last?

When you chew a piece or two of NeuroGum, the effects sustain anywhere between four to six hours. Unlike the caffeine found in coffee, there are only so many flavors one can get; however, with our Neurogum, you can pick any flavor to suit your tastebuds. We offer everything from peppermint to cinnamon flavors, each piece of gum giving the chewer the most needed alertness and experience. People want the benefits of caffeine without having to justify the reason for that fifth coffee before noon. Taking Neurogum benefits the state of mind of the user, as well as increases the alertness without the negative effects of having that major crash.

Neuro Gum and Shark Tank – What Happened?

Disclaimer, spoiler alert below!

By the time founders of Neurogum, Chen, and Yoshiruma went on Shark Tank in September, they had managed to make nearly $3.5 million in under a year in 2019. They went on the show hoping to get $750,000 with 5% of the business. The company was evaluated to be worth $15 million, which was based on the number of units sold prior to and leading up to their appearance on the popular show. Despite their mission to try to negotiate and barter with the Sharks, specifically Robert Herjavec, who made an offer of $1 million and a 20% stake.

Despite Neurogum not getting a deal with any of the members of Shark Tank, the founders continue to thrive with their sales website, as well as Amazon. Presently, they are focused on promoting and selling their Neurogum and Neurogum mints through a one-time purchase or subscription. Neuro, the parent company, offers an assortment of similar products. The goal behind each product is to address the problem that comes with being exhausted, and brain drained. Every product is meant to improve if not address each sign through the use of natural stimulants. At a price of $21 per box, which holds 21 pieces of gum (there is also the potential for the consumer to sign up for a subscription).

Why Neuro Gum Is Better Than Energy Drinks

After spending years refining the ingredients, working to ensure that the people who chew the gum enjoy the flavors but also the benefits, Neurogum is a step up from the typical energy drink, espresso, or coffee. Marketed as a unique kind of gum that is meant to prevent the typical feelings of coming down from a caffeine high, the products of Neuro are a clean and healthy alternative.

Giving the chewer just the right amount of caffeine to enhance brain function and provide enough energy focus to get you through meetings – Neuro Gum has it all. Are you not a fan of mints? Neuro Gum mints are a great alternative to the Neuro line. The mints provide the same amount of caffeine that chewing a Neurogum does. There are just as many flavors to choose from, mint flavor, a sugar-free alternative, or peppermint. Start your morning calm and stress-free. Pop a mint or piece of gum, and leave behind that cup of coffee or espresso and go for a healthy alternative to finding clarity and focus. Improve your state of mind, share the benefits of Neurogum and increase productivity amongst your friends, colleagues, and family. There is no product like Neuro Gum on the market that works or has been shown to work. The founders of Neuro created this product in order to help those who wanted to do more, who wanted to be able to focus and continue doing what they love. Their passion for helping solve a problem is how Neuro and Neuro Gum came to be. With a mission to pack a punch with every bite, Neuro Gum and mint is ready to take on providing people with a natural, gluten-free, FDA-approved gum.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to naturally improve your mental performance and fight exhaustion any time and anywhere with free shipping on all Neuro Gum orders over $35. Plus, for a limited time, save over 20% on our products – with each order accompanied with a special Neuro gift!

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Neuro Gum
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