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LetsGetChecked Review


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Checking your health from time to time is essential, especially if you’re experiencing symptoms that hinder your daily activities. Fortunately, with LetsGetChecked, you can get tested from the comfort of your home.

Keep reading to find out about the company, the tests it offers, the benefits and disadvantages, and how to get started if you want to get tested.


This is a company that gives you peace of mind during your testing process without having to go to the clinic. Working with this brand means you get better health solutions and fast responses at an affordable price, and if you use my promo code, you can save some money as well!

LetsGetChecked tests are a fantastic alternative if your cholesterol and cortisol levels are within a healthy range, for example. They give you fast results, so read on to find out everything we offer you.

Pros and Cons of LetsGetChecked

The company started in 2014, so it offers you the test results you need after getting checked at home. With LetsGetChecked, you don’t need to spend time taking a trip to the clinic.


  • LetsGetChecked offers many tests to choose from
  • If you test positive, you can talk to a registered nurse since you get a free consultation
  • Your official lab report comes in a sealed package, which is confidential and unmarked
  • All the tests are affordable
  • You could get your results in two to five days
  • Easier access to get tested because you don’t have to leave home


  • LetsGetChecked doesn’t ship to all countries, and some tests are only available for US residents (the Coronavirus test, for example)
  • You can’t choose to test some conditions individually, such as STIs

How Can We Help You?

With LetsGetChecked, you can go onto the website and easily choose what you need. The LetsGetChecked dashboard is immensely easy to browse, and it allows you to quickly find out what each test requires. Whether you need to perform regular digestive health examinations, or if you simply want to evaluate your general wellness or total cholesterol, the company can provide you with the solutions you require.


I can help you by giving you a promo code, which helps you save some money when buying your test!

Sign Up

  1. Order a test from the website, the LetsGetChecked app, or even on Amazon
  2. You might notice that the company tracks the bar code that your test includes
  3. Create an account to register your test kit before going into the “Activate Test” link that both the website and the app offer
  4. Add your contact information and check your phone since you need to get a numeric code, and once you do, you can use it to enter your account after also adding the codes inside of the testing box
  5. You need to answer a few health-related questions, and then your registration is done

Collect Your Samples

To guarantee your results are returned efficiently, you have to follow the specific instructions you get to collect your samples. Most samples are provided by blood, stool, swab, or urine.

In some cases, you might have to collect your samples before eating in the morning, which is why following the instructions you get is essential.

The kit you get to collect your samples includes specific instructions. However, if you want more information, you can go on the LetsGetChecked website and watch some of the videos that are available for you.

Get Your Results

Once your sample is inside the biohazard bag included in the kit, you have to put it in the box, and then in the prepaid shipping envelope and mail it back the same day.

At LetsGetChecked, after your sample arrives, we have to review it and have a medical team check it before giving you the results. Even so, the app and website dashboard allow you to monitor your progress.

Consultation with a Nurse

Sometimes, you might get a positive result, or you may need further testing. If you want, you can talk to a nurse free of charge and ask all the questions you have. On some occasions, experts can prescribe some medication too, and you also don’t have to pay for it.

What Types of Tests Does LetsGetChecked Offer?

At LetsGetChecked, you can find different types of tests you might need. While you may have a urine sample in some, others require some of your blood. Here is some of what the company offers you, which might be the perfect alternative if you don’t want to leave home to get tested:

Coronavirus Test

The coronavirus test we offer at LetsGetChecked is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and can help people with mild COVID symptoms, for example, sore throat, fever, diarrhea, worsening cough, and loss of smell and taste.

If you have been exposed to someone with coronavirus, the COVID test is also an alternative for your case. However, to determine your eligibility, you must answer some health-related questions.

You should always talk to a doctor before ordering this test since some people with specific conditions (or with severe COVID symptoms) cannot benefit from it. Thus, consult with a medical professional before choosing this option.

Male Hormone Tests

Some men experience certain symptoms, such as erectile dysfunction, low energy, depression, infertility, low sex drive, or enlarged breast tissue. LetsGetChecked offers several tests you could take to check your hormone levels and see if there’s an issue you need to address.

A testosterone test, for instance, evaluates your testosterone levels only. If you get tested with LetsGetChecked, you can choose either individual tests or groups, which allow you to evaluate several hormones at once, such as prolactin, FAI, sex hormone-binding globulin, etc.

Female Hormone Tests

Similar to male hormone tests, women’s health also needs to be addressed from time to time, especially if you’re already experiencing several symptoms or think you might have fertility issues.

With LestGetChecked, you can check your fertility status, determine if you have polycystic ovarian syndrome, early menopause, ovarian dysfunction, or any other similar health problem.

Sexual Health Tests

The company can help you if you’re worried about particular STIs and their symptoms. If you’re concerned about your sexual health, LetsGetChecked’s tests might be of help to identify specific conditions.

LetsGetChecked offers four different tests, and you can get checked for chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, HIV, Gardnerella, ureaplasma, mycoplasma, or syphilis.

Thyroid Antibody Test

These tests indicate how well your thyroid functions, and it’s essential that you get that checked, especially if there are thyroid issues in your family history.

Problems with the thyroid gland include weight loss or gain, hair thinning or loss, extreme fatigue, heat intolerance, constipation, intolerance to cold, etc. These symptoms could hinder your day-to-day activities, which is why getting checked is so important.

Ovarian Reserve Test

Some women don’t want to check if they have a health condition like polycystic ovarian syndrome. Instead, you might want to know if you’re ovulating normally.

In other cases, you may want to know how many eggs you have left, which is the main purpose of the test to determine your ovary reserve. LetsGetChecked can help you with both purposes, and you simply need to collect the sample and return it on the same day.

Other Tests

With LetsGetChecked, you have access to other tests besides the ones we already mentioned. Those over 50 years old or with close relatives that have had any form of colorectal cancer, for example, might want to get a colon cancer screening evaluation.

The company can identify if you have tiny amounts of blood in your stool, which might be an indicator of something occurring in your colon. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s cancer, so you must always consult with a doctor.

To monitor your heart health, LetsGetChecked also offers you tests for your cholesterol and other biomarkers. Additionally, some of these tests might also be convenient if you have a family history of diabetes or if you already have some symptoms of this condition.

Lastly, you could check your cortisol levels with LetsGetChecked as well. If your body produces too much of this hormone, you might develop Addison’s disease, or on the contrary, Cushing syndrome if it produces too little.

Should You Use the Test Kit LetsGetChecked Offers?

The company website gives you all the information you need on each of the tests it offers. I strongly encourage you to use the kits and follow the specific instructions included, as that allows you to send the package, and then medical experts review your samples and give you the results as soon as possible.


Additionally, I offer a promo code, which is very convenient if you’re on a budget. LetsGetChecked exists to help you, so take advantage of that!

You need to include your personal information when creating an account with the company. However, the test results are completely confidential and are delivered to you in a sealed package. LetsGetChecked can guarantee more accurate results in a short time. And it maintains strong work ethics while we keep your identity anonymous.

LetsGetChecked reviews

Final Verdict

LetsGetChecked is a committed company, and all its payments are protected by SSL technology. It offers different options for you to get tested, which is a fantastic alternative to help you manage various symptoms you might be experiencing. Take care of your health and get tested soon!

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