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Learn with Homer Reviews | Everything You Need About to Know About These New Apps

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Although screen time can be harmful to your child’s development when used in excess, controlled screen time can be extremely beneficial. Technological advancements have allowed children to use devices to learn through play, which encourages good reading skills, mathematics, fine motor skills, and more!

If you’re looking for a fun, educational tool to help your kids learn, you are likely considering the Homer Learning App. In this review, we’ll answer some of your most asked questions to help you determine whether this app is useful or a bit over the top.

About the Homer Learning App

Homer learning apps were designed to help your child during those early years. The company offers a fun and game-based learning approach to introduce children (ages 0 to 8) to the domain of e-learning, helping them learn to read and count.

With so many apps claiming to help children learn, you’d imagine that an online learning program for parents and kids wouldn’t be so renowned, but the company has clearly created a reputation for itself.

This is seen by over 66,000 Facebook likes and more than 80,000 Instagram followers. Furthermore, reputable newspapers such as The New York Times, Forbes, and Business Wire have all published positive content about the company.

The Homer Method

Homer apps’ technology is based on the Homer method. This instructional system employs the most effective learning phases, guiding your kids from theoretical knowledge to practical application. The learning model is a straightforward four-step process that leads your child through theory, application, and lots of practice to drive these concepts home.

Homer was founded in 2013 by Iris Tang, a former member of the Google team, and Stephanie Dua in response to the absence of readily available resources to assist parents in teaching their children to read at a young age. The brand began to make a name for itself in the industry when the CEO of Begin, Neal Shenoy, joined the team to manage the financial aspects of the business.

The Pros and Cons of Using Homer Learn & Grow or Learn & Play to Improve Reading Skills

If you’re still on the fence about using this app for your child, you might want to look at the pros and cons of using it as part of your child’s reading program.


  • Up to four kids can use the app
  • It offers more traditional phonics lessons
  • You get a 30-day free trial to test this app out for yourself
  • Education experts developed the homer reading program
  • Parents can easily track their child’s progress
  • Children can learn at their own pace
  • Fun animal characters, visual prompts, and the app’s verbal instructions make it easier to use and more appealing to young children
  • It is ideal for homeschooling
  • A personalized learning plan for each age group
  • The app is COPPA certified, which means that it is safe for kids to use
  • You can save by choosing an annual subscription
  • Your kids won’t be bombarded by intrusive ads
  • If you’re not happy with the Homer app, you can cancel your subscription at any time
  • Two intuitive apps to choose from
  • There are fun nursery rhymes to keep your child engaged
  • Kids can learn from their own voice recordings


  • Monthly subscriptions can be costly
  • You will need an internet connection to access the app’s settings
  • Recent versions of the apps will not work on older devices

Who Are Homer Apps for?

Homer learning solutions have been designed for kids aged 0 to 8, but teachers and parents may also use them to assist youngsters in learning to count and read at a young age. They are intended for parents who want their children to receive intellectual benefits while having screen time.

The company also offers fun learning kits, which are called Explore Kits. These additions are by far the trendiest and arguably the most enjoyable things in our assessment of the Homer learning apps. They’re even something an educator could get enthusiastic about and use for a short lesson in the classroom.

How Do the Apps Work?

Getting started is easy. All you need to do is download the app from the Google Play Store, set up your parent profile, select a subscription model, and set up your kids’ learning profiles.

If you are using the Learn & Play app, you won’t need to subscribe, as the app is free to download and use.

Once you’ve downloaded one of these applications, the activities are organized by age, with simpler tasks for smaller kids and more challenging activities for older kids. As long as you have access to the application, your kid can explore, read, and complete as many activities as he or she wants.

Bear in mind that you’ll need an up-to-date device that isn’t too old to use these apps. It’s likely that you won’t be able to get the most recent edition of these apps on an iPhone 3.

A Closer Look at These Learning Apps

In the sections below, we look at these apps in greater detail to help you determine whether they are a good choice for your children.

Homer Learn & Play

The Homer Learn & Play app is a venture that has been done in conjunction with Fisher-Price, the world’s most well-known baby toymaker. This software is geared toward children as young as three years old, a significantly younger demographic than the Learn & Grow app.

Essential Learning Abilities

While the Homer Learn & Grow app concentrates on essential learning abilities at various ages, the Learn & Play app introduces babies and small children to the fundamentals of language through games, music, and stories.

Amusing your child through play, music, and dance are great ways to get them to learn, and this app makes it easy to find kid-friendly material. You can read your baby a bedtime story or learn through dance to promote motor skills development with cute melodies.

Education specialists created each game to guarantee that your child has a positive learning experience while using these apps.

Homer Learn & Grow App

The Homer Learn & Grow application offers a multi-subject collection of activities your kids can engage in and make significant progress in their reading abilities.

This app is recommended for kids aged 2 to 8. Because these are basic reading levels established by the company, your child may be above or below the recommended reading age.

Keep in mind that every child learns at his or her own pace, which is why the app allows children to use the app without the pressure of having to complete tasks within a certain time limit. 

Use the App for up to Four Kids

One great advantage of using the app is that you can use it for a maximum of four kids. Each profile is separate from the others, so when one child uses the app, he or she won’t be pressured to keep up with other users.

More Traditional Phonics Lessons

This app helps children with word recognition, reading, math, and it includes non-literacy-related content that promotes creativity, social skills and helps them think critically.

Rather than just offering another game for your child to see colors or letters, the Homer reading activities are designed to provide more traditional lessons that teach your child about words and phonics.

What Do Customers Think About These Apps?

Are these apps worth a try? Parents answer that question on a number of platforms, including Common Sense Media and Trustpilot.

Common Sense Media Reviews

The Homer Learn & Grow app received lots of positive feedback on this platform and received an overall rating of four stars. It received much praise for the independent voice feature and its ability to engage the kids, encouraging them to learn through play.


Many parents took to Trustpilot to relay their experiences with a Homer app. Many users indicated that their child’s reading, comprehension, and word recognition abilities improved after using Homer apps.

The most common complaint on these review sites was poor customer service, which is certainly something that the brand will need to work on.

What Do Homer Apps Cost?

The Homer Learn & Play app is free to download and use! However, if you want to use all the Homer Learn & Grow app features, you’ll need to purchase a subscription.

  • A monthly subscription will cost you $9.99 per month
  • An annual subscription is $59.99 ($4.99 per month)

The company also offers a 30-day free trial and the option to cancel at any time, which is another great benefit of choosing this brand.

What Do You Get with a Learn & Grow Subscription?

Fortunately, all subscriptions give you access to all the app’s features. With a single subscription, you get:

  • Access to all activities and features for up to four kids
  • Learning tips from education experts
  • Offline resources
  • Unlimited access to the app

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a fun way to help your kids turn their screen time into a positive learning experience, then Homer apps are a great tool! Your kids will learn more than just reading and counting. They will also learn to be creative, think critically, and solve problems independently.

The Learn & Play app is also a great way to help your baby develop motor skills and enjoy a bedtime story or nursery rhyme. We highly recommend giving these learning apps a try!

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